Heard Natural Science Museum

We bought a Groupon for Heard Natural Science Museum a while back and needed to get it activated. Since John is out of town, my mom took the crazies with me. It was a gorgeous day to walk through the park!
Saying hello to Crystal the Cockatoo. I'm pretty sure that they would stand there saying Hello back and forth for hours if we would have let them!
The bird view.

Addie hanging out on the trail. I loved that they could run out some energy!

Grandma pushing the boys...

Checking out this tree - that is still living after being struck by lightning!

We chose to go on the Hoot Owl trail. Um....it ended up being the one with crazy inclines and declines and lots of stairs! A very nice Heard employee recommended that we not do the Hoot Owl trail with a stroller....after we had finished it.

Austin and Addie hanging out with a tree that is over 250 years old!

After all of our hiking, the kids were ready for snack time.

Austin wanted to be a bird on top of the state of Texas. Whatever makes him happy!

Sweet boys!