Round Rock!

We headed to Round Rock this weekend to hang out with friends. This time we made the trip with all 6 of us. It definitely adds a little bit of stress with 6 of us in a hotel room but it was definitely worth it.
Within 2 seconds of entering our room, Weston and Grayson were seeing what kind of trouble to get in to.

Grayson picked up the phone and said hello. Then babbled for 2 seconds before saying bye bye and hanging up. The kid likes to chat.

Friday night, the Hoyts hosted us at their house and were gracias enough to let all of the kids destroy their house! For some reason I have no pictures of this. On Saturday it was gorgeous so we headed to the Dunaways for some playtime. This picture below will be replicated in the future - Austin will at some point take Lilly on a date!

I guess this was a good seat belt solution?

Austin and Addie had so much fun bouncing around with Lilly. I think we might need to invest in a trampoline.

We met up with Rich for lunch on Saturday at Salt Lick. Addie showed him the fine art of eating butter all by itself.

These kids were ready for naptime!

On Saturday night we went to the Shannons for dinner. And once again, I failed to take pictures - except this one. Lilly and Addie were telling secrets under the table.

I love being able to visit Round Rock and having so many friends still there. We'll definitely be back again soon!