Shriner Circus

To continue the fun while John was out of town, we went to the Hella Shrine Circus with my parents. It was in Frisco so we didn't want to miss the circus opportunity! The kids did great for their first circus. They also got to feast on circus delicacies like funnel cake, corn dogs and cotton candy!
A little shout out from our clown friend...

Austin and Addie thought the camels were super cool!

The circus fell during morning nap time - Grayson couldn't make it without a little catnap.

The Mighty Bo!

Me and my sweet Addie...

During intermission, my parents wrangled the little guys while I took Austin and Addie down to the floor.

We ran into our friend Austin!

This bike guy was probably my fave - crazy jumps!

We loved the circus and will definitely do it again next year when it comes back to town!