Coming to America

Yay!!!! Corey, Sommer, Liam and Norah have returned to America for four months. I am so excited they are back and can't wait to spend time with them. It will be fun to have our kids play together this summer and I know Addie is really excited for a princess to play with!


Moving On Up!

When we found out we were pregnant with Weston and Grayson, we pretty much outgrew our current house. We've loved our home but it's time for a bigger house with more bedrooms and space.
So - we bought a house! Well...we bought a lot. The house will show up in about 6 months. We are so so so excited about the house and neighborhood. Our lot is huge (for Frisco) and will back up to a new park that the city is building soon. We are so amazed how much God has blessed us.

But now we have to put our house on the market...scary! 


18 Month Doctor's Appointment

Today we took the little tornados in for their 18 month appointment.

Of course Weston had to bring his car to the appointment (we're at full on obsession with Matchbox).

Gray is lounging watching Cars

Chillling in their diapers

Reading while we wait

And the crazies are on the loose again!

Grayson weighed in at 24 lbs, 10 oz (57th percentile), is 32.8 inches tall (63rd percentile) and his head is 19 inches (75th percentile). Dr. G said that he hasn't gained a lot of weight but is definitely getting tall. He got an A+!

Weston weighed in at 22 lbs, 12 oz (30th percentile), is 31 inches tall (10th percentile) and his head is 18.8 inches (60th percentile). Dr. G also gave him an A+!

I cannot believe that our next appointment is at 2 years. Holy moly - my babies are growing up way too fast!


We're 18 Months Old!

I love love love this age! Our boys have got some crazy personalities, are babbling like champs and definitely gaining independence. Weston and Grayson like playing with each other now, although it sometimes turns into toy stealing. They are complete hams and know how to get us to laugh.

Weston and Grayson are still taking two naps a day (hallelujah!) and sleep really well at night. These are two boys who choose not to miss any meals - they are eaters! They are also not picky as to what they eat. Grow, grow, grow!

There is definitely some brotherly love. Kisses are given freely here!! (Dear Weston, when you read this in the future, please know that I will get your hair cut soon - mullets are still not cool).


Weston and Grayson love snuggling during movie time with Austin and Addie. Granted it lasts about 10 minutes but makes for cute pictures!

Grayson, you have such a big personality!! You talk - a lot and like to wave your hands while you do it. You want to do whatever Austin and Addie are doing - including climbing, running, jumping off things. You scare me sometimes - there is a lack of fear in everything you do! You like to climb up the rock wall on the playground to the tallest slide, screaming with joy all while you are doing it!
When you see us laugh at whatever you are doing, you'll keep doing it. Quite the little performer! When you hear music, you like to dance - or do some version of a toddler head bop. As wild and crazy as you are, I cherish the times that you'll crawl into my lap with a book or just to snuggle. You make my heart so happy Gray!!
Weston, You have recently starting saying Mama a lot more (previously it was Daddy this and Daddy that). I think you know that is the quickest way to make my heart melt! Your antics crack us up - you definitely know how to entertain.
You love cars and will spend hours "driving" cars along our walls and making vroom sounds. You are getting bolder on the playground although you haven't quite mastered the tall slide. You love to hug and give kisses - heart breaker! 

It has been so much fun spending 2 on 1 time with Weston and Grayson while Austin and Addie are in school. Their little personalities are amazing. We love these two little men so much and the joy that they bring to our family. We cannot imagine life without them!


Chris and Petra's Wedding

Our friends Chris and Petra got married this weekend. It was so much fun! John was a groomsman so we got to go to the rehearsal as well.
Jerry Jones (the amazing man that married us) is teaching the boys how to stand like Adam. Zack had to help Geoff out and it ended up as a funny picture!

Matt enjoying dessert with his gigantic spoon.

The most handsome man I've ever seen looking quite dapper in his tux!

Jerry doing his thing! As a side note, all of the groomsmen are pretty much crying at this point - especially the groom. Too sweet!

I know I should have had my head bowed for the prayer but I couldn't miss this picture.

Mr. and Mrs. Noll!

The first dance...

We had so much fun celebrating with Chris and Petra and wish them a lifetime of happiness!


MOPS Tea and Testimony

One of the most fun things about not working at Elan is that I have been able to join MOPS. Today was Tea and Testimony. I'm pretty sure all of my tablemates got to see what my ugly cry looks like! 3 women shared their personal testimonies, all powerful stories of their circumstances and how God pulled them out of bad situations. Wow. How brave they are to share the intimate details of their lives!! I was so blessed to be able to listen to their stories and how God moved in their lives!

As a bonus, we got to wear fun Sunday hats!


Texas Week

It's Texas Week at school this week. Love this little cowgirl and cowboy!

For the other Texas Day, Austin and Addie sported gear from my favorite school - whoop!

Weston and Grayson, although not in Texas gear, wanted to join the party too!


Cocktails and Conversation

Some of the amazing women that I am under for Rodan+Fields came to Dallas to do a business presentation. It was so much fun getting together with some other consultants and meeting top leaders. It's nice to actually fix my hair, put on real clothes (that aren't made of sweats material) and interact with adult women! I love this job!


Make the Cuteness Stop!

Weston and Grayson are at such a cute age. They have recently discovered how much fun it is to give kisses! I LOVE that I can tell one to go give the other a kiss. It's become a little bit of a game. If I tell Weston to go kiss Grayson, Gray will try to run away and hide. I just love these boys to pieces!


I'll be honest - Austin and Addie don't always get along. I was a little deluded thinking that since they are twins they would magically always be friends. Nope - not the case. They fight just like any other sister and brother!!
But there are times when they are so sweet to each other and play well.
Sharing Legos...  

Snapping a pic together!

Monkeying around...

Snuggling on the couch...

Hopefully as they get older, they will truly be the best of friends!


Poor West :(

Sweet Weston is sick and just overall isn't feeling well. Thank goodness his sister is around to read to him and care for him.

I love that he had to have his lip whistle - sick or not!

Addie made sure that he was comfortable and taken care of while she read. Such a sweet big sister!


A Birthday Party!

Austin and Addie got to help celebrate the birthdays of two of their special friends, Melanie and Emelie! The girls had a decorate your own cupcake party. Austin and Addie's idea of decorating is really just a little bit of frosting and A LOT of sprinkles!

They also got to see their friend Gwendolyn - they love her!

The bounce house was a hit as well. Wish we could have one of these in our backyard!

These three make me smile!