Chris and Petra's Wedding

Our friends Chris and Petra got married this weekend. It was so much fun! John was a groomsman so we got to go to the rehearsal as well.
Jerry Jones (the amazing man that married us) is teaching the boys how to stand like Adam. Zack had to help Geoff out and it ended up as a funny picture!

Matt enjoying dessert with his gigantic spoon.

The most handsome man I've ever seen looking quite dapper in his tux!

Jerry doing his thing! As a side note, all of the groomsmen are pretty much crying at this point - especially the groom. Too sweet!

I know I should have had my head bowed for the prayer but I couldn't miss this picture.

Mr. and Mrs. Noll!

The first dance...

We had so much fun celebrating with Chris and Petra and wish them a lifetime of happiness!