We're 18 Months Old!

I love love love this age! Our boys have got some crazy personalities, are babbling like champs and definitely gaining independence. Weston and Grayson like playing with each other now, although it sometimes turns into toy stealing. They are complete hams and know how to get us to laugh.

Weston and Grayson are still taking two naps a day (hallelujah!) and sleep really well at night. These are two boys who choose not to miss any meals - they are eaters! They are also not picky as to what they eat. Grow, grow, grow!

There is definitely some brotherly love. Kisses are given freely here!! (Dear Weston, when you read this in the future, please know that I will get your hair cut soon - mullets are still not cool).


Weston and Grayson love snuggling during movie time with Austin and Addie. Granted it lasts about 10 minutes but makes for cute pictures!

Grayson, you have such a big personality!! You talk - a lot and like to wave your hands while you do it. You want to do whatever Austin and Addie are doing - including climbing, running, jumping off things. You scare me sometimes - there is a lack of fear in everything you do! You like to climb up the rock wall on the playground to the tallest slide, screaming with joy all while you are doing it!
When you see us laugh at whatever you are doing, you'll keep doing it. Quite the little performer! When you hear music, you like to dance - or do some version of a toddler head bop. As wild and crazy as you are, I cherish the times that you'll crawl into my lap with a book or just to snuggle. You make my heart so happy Gray!!
Weston, You have recently starting saying Mama a lot more (previously it was Daddy this and Daddy that). I think you know that is the quickest way to make my heart melt! Your antics crack us up - you definitely know how to entertain.
You love cars and will spend hours "driving" cars along our walls and making vroom sounds. You are getting bolder on the playground although you haven't quite mastered the tall slide. You love to hug and give kisses - heart breaker! 

It has been so much fun spending 2 on 1 time with Weston and Grayson while Austin and Addie are in school. Their little personalities are amazing. We love these two little men so much and the joy that they bring to our family. We cannot imagine life without them!