Design Center

One of the fun things about building our house is picking out our colors. One of the not fun things about building our house is picking out the colors. There are so many options and things to pick!! We were handed a box of 50 grout colors and told to pick one. Umm...just pick one that matches!!

It has been a lot of fun. I can't wait to see our choices in our home!! (Which on a side note the building has already been delayed - silly Frisco codes)


Happy Memorial Day!

This Memorial Day we had an inspection for our house so we headed to John's parents' house for some relaxation and the pool!

This is the only pic I got from the day worth posting.

Happy Memorial Day!!


First Haircuts

Since one kid is rocking a mullet and the other's hair is starting to look like a girl's, we decided it was haircut time! They both did really well.
Weston wasn't thrilled that his arms were covered up by the cape so he couldn't eat his lollipop.

Grayson had his stylist wrapped around his little finger in no time!

Weston's pre-hair cut curls 
Grayson is so handsome with his hair cut!
Weston is quite dapper as well! I did tear up a bit when they chopped off all of his curls. I'll miss them! 


Grayson Wins!

We always knew that Grayson would be our first kid with a broken bone - we just weren't expecting it this soon! Grayson decided to walk off the arm of the couch and landed on his foot wrong - resulting in a broken foot bone.
He doesn't seem so sad to have a big splint on his foot!

The splint definitely doesn't slow him down in climbing (on a side note - this picture is about 9:30 at night, post dose of Benedryl. Unfortunately he takes after his mom with Benedryl - it's doesn't cause the sleepies - it causes hyperness!!)

Gray catching up on some sports news while waiting for the ortho

This little guy has the cutest walking boot I've ever seen. He's stuck in the cast for 4 weeks and I'm supposed to keep him "less active." Uh - what does that mean for a 19 month old?!? We're to limit his playground time and keep him from jumping and climbing. That's funny. At least we got a rubber boot for bathtime and the pool!


Farmers Market

Frisco has started up the Farmers Market again each week. We love the fresh fruits and vegetables and it's fun for the kids to play.
Addie's first facepainting experience....

My little unicorn!

Austin's facepainting experience...

It's Spiderman!

Prosperity Place was hosting a family fun day with bounce houses, games and booths close to where the Farmers Market was at. The kids could have played all day!

Addie trying to dunk Dr. G

Austin's turn!

Our 4 little crazies!
I love taking food pictures and couldn't resist this one of our bread from the farmer's market. How cool?


Little House Update

After our house was on the market for a day, we received an amazing offer. A cash offer from an investment company and they would let us lease it back until our new house was done. Turns out it was too good to be true. On the last day of the investment period, they cancelled the contract. Ugh. So John and I ran around like crazy people to get our house back to show ready, packed up the kids and headed to my parents' house.

Baking with Grandma...

Eating homemade popsicles...

Watching a movie on Grandpa's big screen!

Snuggling post pool

Weston scaling the pool furniture

Taking over a playground (one of the fabulous things about my parent's house is there are 3 parks within easy walking distance!)

Cuties racing on the slide

Addie managing the boys on the swing

Gray scaling the net with Addie

Weston hanging out

We received another offer from a family that we've met and really like! We'll close late July and move in with my parents until late October. Not ideal to have to move twice but we're grateful that we have a home to move into instead of paying for an apartment.


Muffins with Mom

Austin and Addie made the cutest handprint tiles for Mother's Day (I'm a sucker for handprints, feet prints, thumb prints - whatever!) They also had a Muffins with Mom day at school.

Before we left, I captured a moment of sweetness.

Cheese with my A-Team!

Addie goofing off with toys

Love my munchkins!


Happy Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, I just wanted a pic of the 4 kids. The first one is ok. The second one clearly shows how over picture time the kids are! Oh well....

We also got to spend some time with my mama. Love her and blessed that she's mine!


Hanging at the R

We spent the weekend at John's parent's house while our house was being shown. It was nice to have a little getaway. John and I got a date night to see Iron Man and the kids got some good grandmom and pool time!
Striking a pose in their bathing suits.

Weston is pretty excited about his!

Daddy, Weston and Grayson. Although the boys went to our community pool last year, we pretty much just stayed in the baby pool. This was a big pool experience!

Love this pic - Daddy with all of the crazies!

Addie getting ready to jump off of Daddy - this girl is born to be a cheerleader!

Love this bunch!

Daddy and Austin reading in Granddad's chair

Out to lunch with Grandmom

The A-Team was fascinated with the fountain

Ready to see Iron Man in 3D!


For Sale!

Today's the day!! Our first home is now officially on the market. We're praying praying praying it sells quickly! We're packing up for the weekend and headed to John's parents' house so our kids can't destroy our clean home.