Grayson Wins!

We always knew that Grayson would be our first kid with a broken bone - we just weren't expecting it this soon! Grayson decided to walk off the arm of the couch and landed on his foot wrong - resulting in a broken foot bone.
He doesn't seem so sad to have a big splint on his foot!

The splint definitely doesn't slow him down in climbing (on a side note - this picture is about 9:30 at night, post dose of Benedryl. Unfortunately he takes after his mom with Benedryl - it's doesn't cause the sleepies - it causes hyperness!!)

Gray catching up on some sports news while waiting for the ortho

This little guy has the cutest walking boot I've ever seen. He's stuck in the cast for 4 weeks and I'm supposed to keep him "less active." Uh - what does that mean for a 19 month old?!? We're to limit his playground time and keep him from jumping and climbing. That's funny. At least we got a rubber boot for bathtime and the pool!