Little House Update

After our house was on the market for a day, we received an amazing offer. A cash offer from an investment company and they would let us lease it back until our new house was done. Turns out it was too good to be true. On the last day of the investment period, they cancelled the contract. Ugh. So John and I ran around like crazy people to get our house back to show ready, packed up the kids and headed to my parents' house.

Baking with Grandma...

Eating homemade popsicles...

Watching a movie on Grandpa's big screen!

Snuggling post pool

Weston scaling the pool furniture

Taking over a playground (one of the fabulous things about my parent's house is there are 3 parks within easy walking distance!)

Cuties racing on the slide

Addie managing the boys on the swing

Gray scaling the net with Addie

Weston hanging out

We received another offer from a family that we've met and really like! We'll close late July and move in with my parents until late October. Not ideal to have to move twice but we're grateful that we have a home to move into instead of paying for an apartment.