With the kids out of the house, John and I were able to focus on packing. I had a game plan laid out that had us doing it for 3 days. Nope - it took longer. And it sucked. I'm pretty sure that after we move into our new house, we're never moving again!

Love the man that had to stop to take a pic with his Farkle Champ hat. No wonder it took us so long.

Making progress! 

One of the biggest highlights of packing was taking our trash to the Waste Transfer place in Plano. Goodness, how pathetic am I that I get all sorts of excited about this?!? Anyways, you dump all of your junk onto this ramp and then this huge tractor comes out and smashes all of the trash again a wall.

Then it clamps down on it and drives away to a magical trash place! It was fun to watch!

We filled the Suburban a couple of times with all of the stuff that we took over to my parents' house. We have got way too much stuff!

Austin and Addie were great helpers. They had fun carrying stuff into our storage unit.


Goodbye Old House!

Today is the last day that the kids stayed in our house. I got a little emotional thinking about all of our memories. This was our first home together. This was the house that we brought Austin, Addison, Weston and Grayson home to. We've had a lot of fun times and a lot of hard times. This has been a great home and it will be missed!

Since it was the last day that our kids would be here, I had this great dream that I could get all four kids seated in front of the house to take a final picture because surely they were feeling as nostalgic as me. Ummm..yeah right. Instead I get Austin running away, Weston pissed because he's having to sit still, Grayson chilling and Addie bored out of her mind. Oh well - I'll just pretend that I got the dream pic!

Addie perked up a bit when we told her that she could stand in front of the sign.

Weston wanted a turn too!

Another attempt - still not great but it will do!

Goodbye 12250 Red Hawk - you've been good to us!


Slip N' Slide!

I found a Slip N' Slide at Target and couldn't pass it up. I didn't feel that our kids needed to miss out on this greatness any longer! Austin and Addie weren't totally sure how to do it at first so I provided a little demo. Let's just say that it's probably be 20 something years since I've been on Slip N' Slide and it made my body feel OLD!!
Once they figured it out, the kids had a blast!


Hope Park

Today we met Corey, Sommer, Liam and Norah at Hope Park. It was hot but fun!
Love having the "big kids" help the little kids

Headed down the slide!

Love this smile

Gray is still pretty sore from taking his cast off so he stuck to the easy stuff on the playground

I didn't realize that they were in time out when I took this picture. It makes me laugh!

Liam and Addie on the swings

Little cowboys!

Austin loved this thing!

Some June Randoms

Here are some pics I cleared off my iPhone:

First time playing Operation

Austin helping Daddy fix a leak in the sink

Dance party! Although I'm not sure what this dance is....

Sleepy boy



Pool time with the Wests - that's a lot of kids!

Corey and Addie

Snuggletime on the couch

All dressed for work!


More Flip, Flop and Roll

Austin and Addie are liking their Flip, Flop and Roll class. I love watching them do planks and mountain climbers. They are pretty much the cutest little people in the world!

A little post flipping posing!


Moroccan Tea

My parent's hosted a Moroccan Tea for Corey and Sommer to share what normal life is like overseas. It was pretty cool to hear their day to day life and about the work they are doing, including being the Moroccan face of West Global Trading.
Corey pouring Moroccan tea. It's sweet and minty and yummy. Sommer said that you never leave someone's house without drinking it!  
Corey used Jeff and John as examples of what their language classes were like. It was really funny when Jeff surprised all of us by answering Corey's questions in Arabic! Basically their instructor in Morocco didn't speak a bit of English and they didn't speak any Arabic. Definitely slow going and frustrating but they are learning!

Some of the food prepared. I can't say that I loved all of it but most was pretty good.


Round Rock Weekend

We went to Round Rock this weekend to for Stephanie and David's wedding. It was so fun to catch up with friends and celebrate their marriage! And it was awesome having an adult night out!

John and I took our time driving down there - a luxury we don't usually get because of the kids. We stopped in Salado for lunch and Georgetown for breakfast the next day.

On the way home, we saw all of these gorgeous sunflower fields along 35. So pretty!


No More Cast!

Yay!!! After 4 long weeks of trying to keep Gray's cast dry and keep his activity limited, the cast is coming off!!

Walking in to the doctor

Patiently waiting

And it's off!!


VBS Take 2

For our VBS, if you want your preschool age kids to go, you have to volunteer. So I signed up for crafts. So much fun!! I can play with markers and glue sticks and paper all day long!

The kids had a lot of fun and Weston and Grayson were able to attend this one.

Here's my fave part - I am a sucker for anything with handprints!! They came home with a lot of cute things. We'll have to designate a room in our new house for all of their stuff they bring home from school!


Flip, Flop and Roll!

We signed the A-Team up for Flip, Flop and Roll through the Frisco Athletic Center. There are only so many classes they can take at their age so I jumped all over this one! All I have to say is bless this sweet teacher. She has 8 2-4 year olds with 2 minute long attention spans. And the class lasts for 30.

Warm up time!


Climbing up the mountain

Hula hoop time!

Log roll