Father's Day Weekend

For Father's Day, we planned a trip to Lake Texoma with our dear friends Julia and Cecil. They have a house in Pottsboro so we rented a house at a Methodist church camp nearby. Random run-in - John's old youth pastor and the guy that married us happened to be staying at Prothro for the weekend!
They had a pretty beach next to the lake.

Wildwood - our awesome cabin!

The boys in their chairs

My babies getting ready for lunch - I loved them sitting at the counter - so cute!

These little astronauts are precious

We hit up a couple of "hotspots" in Pottsboro. Loved the snow cones!

Napolis for dinner - yummy!

Burying Gray's leg on the beach

Addie prancing around

Cross point

Julia and Cecil took us out on their boat. The kids had so much fun (as did we!!)

Gray chilling with his cast cover on

The boys loved it so much, they took a snooze on Daddy

Austin and Addie hanging in their life vests - this makes them look like such big kids!

Austin was overtaken by the rocking boat too. Naptime!!

Saturday night, Julia and Cecil invited us over to their house for dinner. Love this picnic picture with Daddy and his kiddos!

The weather had been pretty hot but Saturday night a storm blew in and made it perfect. We got a couple of drops of rain but were blessed with this gorgeous rainbow!

Austin and Addie had fun throwing rocks into the water.

And posing of course!

Cecil showed off his mad glowstick skills!

It was a perfect weekend and we loved hanging out with the Mayes fam. Happy Father's Day!!