Goodbye Old House!

Today is the last day that the kids stayed in our house. I got a little emotional thinking about all of our memories. This was our first home together. This was the house that we brought Austin, Addison, Weston and Grayson home to. We've had a lot of fun times and a lot of hard times. This has been a great home and it will be missed!

Since it was the last day that our kids would be here, I had this great dream that I could get all four kids seated in front of the house to take a final picture because surely they were feeling as nostalgic as me. Ummm..yeah right. Instead I get Austin running away, Weston pissed because he's having to sit still, Grayson chilling and Addie bored out of her mind. Oh well - I'll just pretend that I got the dream pic!

Addie perked up a bit when we told her that she could stand in front of the sign.

Weston wanted a turn too!

Another attempt - still not great but it will do!

Goodbye 12250 Red Hawk - you've been good to us!