With the kids out of the house, John and I were able to focus on packing. I had a game plan laid out that had us doing it for 3 days. Nope - it took longer. And it sucked. I'm pretty sure that after we move into our new house, we're never moving again!

Love the man that had to stop to take a pic with his Farkle Champ hat. No wonder it took us so long.

Making progress! 

One of the biggest highlights of packing was taking our trash to the Waste Transfer place in Plano. Goodness, how pathetic am I that I get all sorts of excited about this?!? Anyways, you dump all of your junk onto this ramp and then this huge tractor comes out and smashes all of the trash again a wall.

Then it clamps down on it and drives away to a magical trash place! It was fun to watch!

We filled the Suburban a couple of times with all of the stuff that we took over to my parents' house. We have got way too much stuff!

Austin and Addie were great helpers. They had fun carrying stuff into our storage unit.