Rodan+Fields Lexus Party

Tonight we celebrated my business partner's new Lexus, courtesy of Rodan+Fields. It was so fun! I love working for this company and celebrating Christy's success!

My pal Christi came with me. We forgot to double check that the other wasn't wearing chevron. Oops.

Christy giving her story!

My business partner, Melanie

This night was a lot of fun. It is amazing to have the opportunity to work with such amazing women!

Choo Choo!

It's pretty cool to watch our kids play together. I love watching their imaginations go wild! Today they were traveling on a train.

All aboard!

Choo Choo!

We realized that Addie was wearing red and needed to be the caboose.

I don't know that I like the look on this conductor's face. We're going to crash!

Love these crazy kiddos!


Declan's Birthday

We headed to My Gym for Declan's 2nd birthday. It was Yo Gabba Gabba themed so our kids were super pumped!

Hanging out with the birthday boy

Pizza and cake time!


Splash Park Play Date

Our Bible study play date was at the Little Elm splash park. The kids had so much fun and went home for a really long nap!


Rainy Days

We've had a crazy summer so far. We've had two "cold fronts" (hello 60 degree weather) and lots of rain. And our kids have discovered how much fun it is to play in the rain!

This might be my new fave picture of my family!

Park Pics

There is a park close to my parents' house that we go to quite a bit. Today, Austin and Addie insisted on holding hands wherever they went. Seriously?!? The cuteness is ridiculous.

Racing down the slide.

Weston and Grayson wanted to race down the slide too. But Weston thought it would be more fun to "help" Grayson down.


Puddle Jumping!

It's been raining so what better thing to do than go play in the puddles! The kids had a lot of fun splashing around.

All the fun and games stopped when Austin and Addie discovered a dead frog in the puddles. Gross.
Makes me feel like I need to go bleach our children to get frog guts off of them!


Summertime Fun

Even though it's hot, I try to get the kids outside every day. Most of the time, this involves snow cones and playing with water. Here are some pics!


Swim Lessons

Austin and Addie started swim lessons this week. They definitely don't know how to swim yet but are more comfortable in the water.
Playing in the house while waiting for lessons to start (it's a toss up between the house and the post-lesson candy for which was their fave part) 

Saving Spiderman from the steps

Pausing to cheese!

Austin's turn to save Spiderman!

Love their little medals!


First Pedicure

One of the perks of having a girl is that I have a built-in shopping and mani/pedi buddy. Addie really likes having her toenails painted so I thought she was ready for her first pedicure. This girl rocked it! Addie waited so patiently for her turn. When they finally filled her tub up with water, she was so excited that the light in the water changed colors!

Reading a People while letting her toes dry...

Addie wanted our toes to match.

The final product!

I'm so glad that she did so well - I can't wait to go back!


Play Date

The gals in my Bible study have started getting together for a play date every other week. It is fun letting our kids run off some energy and bonding with the other mamas.

Weston hanging out with Charlie...

Austin eating with Max...

Austin and Addie were obsessed with baby Copeland. I had to let them down when I informed them that there are no more siblings coming home with us!


Happy Fourth of July!

To celebrate our American Independence, we chose to spend the day outside! We went to the splash pad in the morning before it got too crowded. The kids LOVE this place! Then we ate brats and headed to the pool. I was on my "Kids Don't Drown" mission so I have no pics from there.

John's flip flops disappeared and we noticed Gray had one.

Addie had the other!

Celebrating America!

All in all, we had a great day hanging as a family and honoring our country!