Football is back!!

Yay for college football (specifically Aggie football) finally starting again!! The Rosies are ready!


Watch Out Soccer World!

We're starting a new season in our lives - soccer season! We're excited to have Austin and Addie involved. I'm not super excited that it isn't co-ed but at least their practices are on the same night at the same place.
Here are the cutest little cleats I've ever seen!

Soccer shoes and jammies are a good combo!

Ready for the first practice!

Geared up and ready to go!

I would love to say the first practice was amazing. But really it involved Addie refusing to practice because she wanted to be with Austin (she was a little upset it wasn't co-ed too!) Austin did much better and Addie practiced with his team. Hopefully it will get better!

First practice - Addie not so interested in participating. She'll just stand there with her ball.

Austin eating dinner while waiting on Addie to finish

Second practice - the smiles seem to indicate she might be more interested right?

Nope...still not interested in practicing. Unless her coach acts like a bear trying to get her ball!

Austin getting ready to start practice

Uh...who's the girl in the goal? Oh yeah - that's Addie. Joining the boys' practice again

Cade doing cartwheels while the A-Team hangs in the goal. I have high hopes for the Avengers!


Happy Birthday Daddy!

For John's birthday, we started the celebration by eating out almost every meal. You would think this was a big milestone birthday or something!

Happy birthday John. I love that you are the one I get to spend my life with! We are so blessed by you as the leader of our family. I am excited about what this year holds for us!

A chicken at Babe's (I just want to point out that John eagerly jumped up and wanted to put on the chicken hat!)

The kids outside of La Hacienda post Mexican food gorgefest


Birthday Celebration

Jason and Ashley hosted John and Linda's birthday celebrations at their house. The bonus for this get together was finally getting to meet sweet Berkley, Ben and Stevie's baby!
The Marshalls

The lighting of the candles

Lots of kiddos!

Uncle Jason playing trains with Weston


Our August

Our August has been busy with parks, swimming, playing with cousins, watching movies and doing anything to survive these last couple of weeks before school starts again.

Park fun!

Splash pad!

Pool time and playing outside

Love this pic - Addie is singing at the top of her lungs!


Waiting for the trash truck to drive by - not so sure what the appeal is but these kids were ready!

Baking with Grandma

Movie Time and Snuggles


Playing dress up


Magic trick time with Grandpa

Because there are so many of us living together, we have to take play time breaks to clean!


This pretty much sums up what we've been up to in August! It's been fun but I'm looking forward to school starting again!