Lawnmower Love

John and I had a leadership training at church so the kids went to childcare. When we picked the kids up, everyone was tired but in seemingly good spirits. That is, until we tried to remove a toy lawnmower from Weston's hands. I have NEVER seen this kid react to a toy this way, nor have I ever laughed so hard. Cori, one of the sweet preschool workers, was behind Weston trying to coax it away from him. John was trying to pry his death grip from the lawnmower, all while West is screaming like his soul is being ripped out. Neither John or Cori was successful so in the end, Cori just said to take it with us!

Poor Weston cried most of the way home because he couldn't push the lawnmower while strapped in to his car seat. I still couldn't stop laughing.

We got home and the kid still wouldn't let go. In the end, we caved and let him sleep with the lawnmower. Once we fell asleep, we snuck the contraband out.

The next week, we returned the lawnmower back to church! We know what to buy Weston for his birthday!