Watch Out Soccer World!

We're starting a new season in our lives - soccer season! We're excited to have Austin and Addie involved. I'm not super excited that it isn't co-ed but at least their practices are on the same night at the same place.
Here are the cutest little cleats I've ever seen!

Soccer shoes and jammies are a good combo!

Ready for the first practice!

Geared up and ready to go!

I would love to say the first practice was amazing. But really it involved Addie refusing to practice because she wanted to be with Austin (she was a little upset it wasn't co-ed too!) Austin did much better and Addie practiced with his team. Hopefully it will get better!

First practice - Addie not so interested in participating. She'll just stand there with her ball.

Austin eating dinner while waiting on Addie to finish

Second practice - the smiles seem to indicate she might be more interested right?

Nope...still not interested in practicing. Unless her coach acts like a bear trying to get her ball!

Austin getting ready to start practice

Uh...who's the girl in the goal? Oh yeah - that's Addie. Joining the boys' practice again

Cade doing cartwheels while the A-Team hangs in the goal. I have high hopes for the Avengers!