Fish and Sharks and Sting Rays...Oh My!

John took a day off to hang with the family so we went to the Dallas World Aquarium. I'd never been there before so it was a fun adventure! 

We showed up pretty much after it opened and joined about 5 senior citizens - we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Austin and Addie were so excited just from the walk up to the admissions desk. We probably could have called it a day! 

Waiting to buy our tickets 

I loved the monkeys - they were fun and not what I was expecting at the aquarium!

This guy was chill

Austin and Addie liked the one that was a little more their size

The boys liked the sting rays. We got to watch a guy feed them and the snapping turtles sharing their tank. That was pretty cool!

Austin thought this thing was pretty cool. I thought it was weird that there was a sizable hole that he could stick his fingers through.

The jaguar was Addie's fave.

Not going to lie - it was my fave too. She was gorgeous!

The kids are roaring at the jaguar - she couldn't care less!

John wants to be just like this guy. 

This shark was pretty cool. We got to watch him eat too.

Weston and Grayson LOVED the shark tank. We probably could have stayed there for hours.

John tried to make Gray lunch. I'm glad the shark just passed him over.

One last look at the sharks!

The parrots were pretty funny. Anything that Austin did, they would mimic. 

We're so blessed that John is in a job that allows him to take a day off to go play at the aquarium. It was a great family experience and we'll definitely be back! 


Happy Anniversary!

John "surprised" me with a weekend away for our anniversary. I use quotes because he meant for it to be a surprise but isn't good at keeping secrets at all. It was very sweet and we ended up going to the Omni Dallas!

We could see the state fair from our gigantic panoramic window, as well as downtown Dallas. It was nice to have a weekend away where we didn't have to cater to kiddos.

A pic of the room

I love being greeted with chocolate!

It was the perfect weekend celebrating 6 years together.  I am so blessed to have John as my partner in life!


Church Picnic

Today was our church picnic. It was fun to hang out with our friends and let the crazies run well...crazy! 

Austin helping Gray to our tent

Daddy bringing up the rear

Weston eating his lunch

These three make my hear happy.  Eden is in the A-Team's Sunday School class and is a pretty amazing little girl!

Addie and Weston hit up Grandma and Grandpa's class tent. They had the good dessert!

Here is Max in action.  Max is Addie's future husband. He's dancing and trying to get her attention. She's playing hard to get. Good girl!

Playing in the preschool game area!

Overall the picnic was a lot of fun. It was a lot of kid chasing and eating but fun!



Our Thursday nights and Saturday mornings have been filled with soccer games. It seems like each game, the A-Team are getting a little better. By no means are they experts yet, but it's starting to click a little more!

Austin and his pal Cade stick together at all of the games. If they aren't wrestling (which isn't often), they actually play well together!

Addie the kick off star!

Some practice shots. It really makes me laugh at the difference between boys and girls - I'm glad I get to experience both! Addie's team is sweet and calm and like to play with each other (most of the time - they are still 3 and 4 year olds that don't always have their listening ears). Austin's team is a bunch of crazy hyper boys that run around in circles!

Addie and her friend Kensington

Miranda the assistant coach (love that Kensington and Bailey are holding hands - see - they are sweet!)

Love this shot of my little A-Team

Addie had the joy of playing an 8am game in the freezing weather. The babies are all bundled up!

This is Austin in his cocoon. He's not coming out.

She may be freezing but she's still adorable!

Loving on Daddy!

Go Avengers!


First Day of Preschool!

It's here! It's finally here! Today is the first day of Sonshine School/Academy for the kiddos. They get to share their sweetness with their awesome teachers and learn new things and I get something pretty awesome too....FREEDOM!!! This will be 5 hours each Tuesday and Thursday where I can do whatever I want. I can sit in silence, read a book, go to the grocery store solo....whatever!

I know I'll miss my munchkins while they are gone but it will be great to have our school routine back. I think we all appreciate the break.

Here are all of their backpacks and lunch boxes! The only way to ensure that we're even remotely on time is to pack all this stuff up the night before.

Obligatory first day of school pic. These are some exciting kiddos! What the camera didn't capture is that any time Weston or Grayson put their backpacks on, the weight of them tipped them over backwards - hilarious!

Daddy walking everyone in. This will be a much more difficult task when I'm flying solo!

Looking forward to a great year of learning!


Game Day!

It's game day for Austin and Addie! Their games were at the same time so John and I had to split our time.
All smiles before we head out!

Christi and I are officially soccer moms!

 The boys getting ready to play - thank goodness for Coach Alan and his patience!

Waiting for the whistle!

Go Austin go!

I love this pic - the boys are so focused on getting to the ball!

And totally fail to notice that they ran right past the goal. On a positive note, they scored in the goal on the field next to us.

Cade and Austin

Austin totally rocked his first game. He was a little hesitant getting out there at first but then had a blast! Let's check in on Addie.

This is the first of the protests to playing. Addie just didn't want to do it! I tried promising snow cones or cookies....nothing.

Our friend Eden stopped by to snap a pic.

Addie finally told Coach Megan that she wanted to play - unfortunately that meant she had to drag Addie out on the field!

My one action shot of Addie - running to Megan and not a ball but whatever.

Lined up and ready to play - or stand there while everyone else kicks the ball.

Here's how I imagine this conversation:
Addie - Hey friend - what's up?
Random Girl - I don't want to play - so I'm just going to sit down in protest.
Addie - That sounds awesome. I'm going to stand here to see if this counts as playing. My mom totally promised me a snow cone if I play (on a side note, I didn't get her a snow cone)

Addie was much better once she was back with her bro. I know it was just the first game so I'm sure that she'll get more comfortable with it. And if not, that's a-ok too!
Three Avengers and a Lil Firecracker!