First Day of Preschool!

It's here! It's finally here! Today is the first day of Sonshine School/Academy for the kiddos. They get to share their sweetness with their awesome teachers and learn new things and I get something pretty awesome too....FREEDOM!!! This will be 5 hours each Tuesday and Thursday where I can do whatever I want. I can sit in silence, read a book, go to the grocery store solo....whatever!

I know I'll miss my munchkins while they are gone but it will be great to have our school routine back. I think we all appreciate the break.

Here are all of their backpacks and lunch boxes! The only way to ensure that we're even remotely on time is to pack all this stuff up the night before.

Obligatory first day of school pic. These are some exciting kiddos! What the camera didn't capture is that any time Weston or Grayson put their backpacks on, the weight of them tipped them over backwards - hilarious!

Daddy walking everyone in. This will be a much more difficult task when I'm flying solo!

Looking forward to a great year of learning!