Game Day!

It's game day for Austin and Addie! Their games were at the same time so John and I had to split our time.
All smiles before we head out!

Christi and I are officially soccer moms!

 The boys getting ready to play - thank goodness for Coach Alan and his patience!

Waiting for the whistle!

Go Austin go!

I love this pic - the boys are so focused on getting to the ball!

And totally fail to notice that they ran right past the goal. On a positive note, they scored in the goal on the field next to us.

Cade and Austin

Austin totally rocked his first game. He was a little hesitant getting out there at first but then had a blast! Let's check in on Addie.

This is the first of the protests to playing. Addie just didn't want to do it! I tried promising snow cones or cookies....nothing.

Our friend Eden stopped by to snap a pic.

Addie finally told Coach Megan that she wanted to play - unfortunately that meant she had to drag Addie out on the field!

My one action shot of Addie - running to Megan and not a ball but whatever.

Lined up and ready to play - or stand there while everyone else kicks the ball.

Here's how I imagine this conversation:
Addie - Hey friend - what's up?
Random Girl - I don't want to play - so I'm just going to sit down in protest.
Addie - That sounds awesome. I'm going to stand here to see if this counts as playing. My mom totally promised me a snow cone if I play (on a side note, I didn't get her a snow cone)

Addie was much better once she was back with her bro. I know it was just the first game so I'm sure that she'll get more comfortable with it. And if not, that's a-ok too!
Three Avengers and a Lil Firecracker!