Our Thursday nights and Saturday mornings have been filled with soccer games. It seems like each game, the A-Team are getting a little better. By no means are they experts yet, but it's starting to click a little more!

Austin and his pal Cade stick together at all of the games. If they aren't wrestling (which isn't often), they actually play well together!

Addie the kick off star!

Some practice shots. It really makes me laugh at the difference between boys and girls - I'm glad I get to experience both! Addie's team is sweet and calm and like to play with each other (most of the time - they are still 3 and 4 year olds that don't always have their listening ears). Austin's team is a bunch of crazy hyper boys that run around in circles!

Addie and her friend Kensington

Miranda the assistant coach (love that Kensington and Bailey are holding hands - see - they are sweet!)

Love this shot of my little A-Team

Addie had the joy of playing an 8am game in the freezing weather. The babies are all bundled up!

This is Austin in his cocoon. He's not coming out.

She may be freezing but she's still adorable!

Loving on Daddy!

Go Avengers!