Bathtub - 1, Weston - 0

Weston earns the title of first kid with stitches! Tonight during bath time, West slipped getting out of the bath tub. I heard John tell Addie to come get me so I ran in there to find Weston with blood dripping down his face and a HUGE lump under his eye. John took him to urgent care and they quickly told him to head to Children's Medical Center. He picked me up and off we went!

This kid is all smiles. One of the admin gals gave him a Batman sticker - that's all he needs!

Rocking his cool bracelet

Playing at an activity table while we wait

Chatting with Daddy while we wait

Watching a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while we wait

Chilling with Mickey while we wait (and Daddy naps)

Still waiting (starting to notice the theme?)

Finally we're back to a room. Where we wait (and Daddy takes another nap)

After about 4.5 hours, we finally got to head back home. Weston was a trooper for being kept up so much later than his bedtime. Instead of doing stitches, the doctor decided to use glue. They gave Weston a relaxer which turned him into a 27.5 pound newborn. He had no neck control which was sad/funny all at the same time.

When he started to come to, they gave him a popsicle to make sure he could keep it down. John and I died laughing at the poor kid. He was like a drunk college frat guy just trying to eat but continually missing his mouth. Hilarious!!