Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today is the day. Happy 2nd birthday to Grayson and Weston!! We wanted to start the day off with fun so we hung balloons and streamers on their door. 

Here they come! 

Weston and Grayson thought the streamers were pretty cool. 

The balloons were even cooler. 

Weston rocking some spectacular bed head. 

After another round of Happy Birthday, the boys blew out the candles on their birthday muffins. 

Grayson and Weston, I cannot believe that you are two!! I unfortunately packed your sock monkeys in our storage unit so we can't take pictures with them. But here you are in your adorable dump truck shirts! The two of you are every bit of crazy, rambunctious, sweet, independent and funny 2 year olds. You love trains and cars and dancing and playing with Austin and Addie. Y'all are still great eaters and have caught up to your sister in weight. You actually like broccoli and green beans - yay! You are great night time sleepers most of the time but are decent with naps. Y'all are talking more and are putting sentences in it. Most of the time I can understand you but other times, Addison acts as translator. Y'all have started the terrible 2's and can be quite defiant. But you always start and end the day with hugs and sweetness. 

Grayson - you are so fun to watch. The best way to describe it is that you attack everything you do with gusto. There is no quiet voice for you and for you the crazier the better! You love to jump off of things and run around yelling as loudly as possible. You like to race your firetruck around in circles. Every once in a while, I'll find you in a corner with a book or drawing at the table. But typically you are trying to figure out how to stack the books on top of the table and jump from them. You love your "man-purse" right now. You like to tuck things in it and carry it everywhere - it makes me laugh! You are typically in a good mood but man, if you are feeling particular about something, you can throw epic temper tantrums! Our house would be so much tamer without you and I just cannot imagine my world without your loud, wild self in it!

Weston - you are our sweet, temperamental and funny child. You have this infectious laugh that I will never get tired of hearing. If you notice we are laughing at something you are doing, you'll perform even more - you are quite the entertainer. 99.99% of the time I will find a car or train in your hand. You are slightly obsessed! Another obsession - hats. You love this orange hat and wear it quite a bit. When you are in the mood, you give the best kisses and are a great snuggler. You are easy going most of the time but dang - if you are in a bad mood, you are in a BAD mood! Hopefully we'll breeze through this phase quickly! Weston, you are such an amazing little guy. You bring so much happiness into our lives!

Sweet boys - I cannot even believe how quickly the last two years have flown by. My babies are growing up way too quickly! We love you both so much and love the little personalities you add to our clan!! Happy Birthday!