Introducing Piper!

She's here! She's here! Piper Izzy Rosenbaum is the newest member of our family. We picked her up late this evening. Austin and Addie rode along and were so excited to pick up their new  puppy! 

So far she's been pretty chill. I'll be interested to see what her personality is like once she's settled into our family. She's perfect and we are so excited for her to be part of our family!


Playing at Daddy's Office

It's fun to get the kids out of the house to go do special things like a trip to Daddy's office. They love that they can draw on the wall and windows here. And they know that there is a place right across the hall to get M&Ms. 

Thanks to EB for letting us crash the quiet and peaceful mood!


House Update

Slowly but surely our house is coming along. Clearly we aren't going to hit the November timeframe but now the target is end of December. It's fun to actually watch our house start to look like a house versus just a frame. 

The dining room

Our living room

The kitchen

It's fun to see the backsplash and countertops that we picked from little samples actually looks great together

Looking towards the front door

The entryway

So excited to see the final version!


Addie's Soccer Party

We celebrated Addie's end of season party at Dave and Busters. The kids loved this ride! 

Addie thought her trophy was the coolest and received super cute flip flops from Coach Megan.

Some of the girls with Coach Megan and Assistant Coach Miranda.

Awesome season Lil Firecrackers. Looking forward to the spring! 


Frisco Parade

Frisco had a community parade to celebrate both veterans and recognize all of the high school football teams. There were firetrucks (both old and new), police cars, cool floats and vintage cars. People were passing out candy left and right like it was Halloween. But the one thing that got the kids super excited was...the Recycle truck! 

I love that Frisco does things like this and kind of take it for granted. There was a woman sitting next to us that cried through it so as John does, he struck up a conversation. She said that she has been in our country for 62 days and this was her first parade. She had never seen anything like it in her country. And she said it was one of the most beautiful and special things she had ever seen. That made me get all choked up for her and thought it was a pretty cool thing to share with a stranger! 


Austin's Soccer Party

Today we celebrate the end of a great season with the Avengers! We're hoping that most of the boys will come back again next year so we can keep them together. Austin loves his team! 

Riding the carousel

Addie is loving this thing

Great season Avengers! 


Puppy Update

Our big girl is growing. I cannot wait for us to bring her home in a couple of weeks!! The breeder said that she has recently learned how to walk around but is still big and clumsy while doing it. She also said this puppy is so super sweet. Cannot wait! 

Here are a couple of more recent pics

Puppy and her mama


Big Boy Beds

Tonight my "babies" are moving to big boy beds! Weston figured out how to crawl out of his crib. He's our child that doesn't typically climb or jump as much so go figure that he's the one to be first to crawl out of his crib. 

They are excited! 

Addie praying and signing Jesus Loves Me with West.

Austin giving Grayson a good night kiss!

Here's hoping for a great first night!