Merry Christmas Part 2

Merry Christmas from the Rosies! We started our morning off the only way I know how - with sticky buns and coffee! 

Piper sporting the reindeer ears. 

 My little reindeer

The sticky buns...in all their glory.

Weston makes one cute reindeer!

Daddy reading to Addie and Gray

Another big Christmas tradition - A Christmas Story!

Austin drawing

I tried valiantly to get a pic of the kids - this is the best one I got!

This one is a little more real life

Come on Mom - we're done with pictures!

The fun stuff - opening presents!

Addie wearing her Little Mermaid dress, Austin's Spiderman mask and new Little Mermaid Sunglasses - she's an odd one!

In addition to opening presents, we wanted to make sure our kids knew why we celebrate Christmas. We took some time to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and blew out a candle for Him. Of course each kid had to have a turn blowing it out!

Merry Christmas friends!


Merry Christmas - Part 1

Jason and Ashley hosted the family Christmas again this year. We had so much fun! The kids had fun with their cousins and received some amazing presents. 

My absolute favorite present this year was a dollhouse for Addie. John's Uncle Duard handcrafted this beautiful home. I loved watching how gently Addie touched all of the walls and floors. She very quickly jumped right into playing with the little family and furniture she received as well! It will be fun to put this into her room and have something girly just for her. 

Weston and Grayson received these awesome camo 4 wheelers. They thought they were pretty big stuff riding around on them!

Austin rocking his Jake gear - he's adorable!

Grayson figuring out how to make his bike go!


We are so blessed to have family close that we can spend Christmas with!


Proud Moment

We did it! We successfully took all 4 kids to a movie. We decided to see Frozen since everyone had rave reviews about it. I LOVED IT! Grayson got bored halfway through and wanted to run up and down the stairs but the other three made it through.

Weston finished a medium popcorn on his own. We discovered as long as he had popcorn, he was content! We had to take a moment to pat ourselves on the back for a pretty successful movie trip!


Hanging with Santa

It's time to go visit Santa! I love the Santa at Willow Bend. First of all, they have fun things for the kids to do while we wait to see Santa. Plus, he looks exactly like I think Santa should look. 

Weston loved the polar bears

Grayson isn't really interested in posing for me but he at least stopped for a second!

This girl never needs encouragement posing.

Of course our fave car had to come with us to play in the snow.

I think this might have been the kids' favorite part. Who doesn't love rolling around in fake snow?

Snow angels!

There is nothing cuter than a little man in a bow tie making snow angels.

Well...this year wasn't nearly as traumatic as last year. 2 are crying, 1 is cheesing and the other looks bored out of his mind.

So let's just take a look back at the funniest Santa pic in the world. This one still makes me laugh to the point of tears!


Sonshine Academy Christmas Party

I signed up to help with the Happy Birthday Jesus party at Sonshine Academy. I saw these super cute reindeer drinks on Pinterest (stupid Pinterest) and couldn't get the antlers to stay. So I made snow men instead! 

Austin and Addie in their Christmas gear.

Sweet Austin working on his craft.

Addie puzzling away

A little Christmas program

So happy that Grandmom was able to come too!


Ice Day!

Schools have shut down and grocery stores have run out of food. All because of this crazy ice storm that has hit north Texas! We have an old sled that my aunt and uncle gave us and it was put to good use. 

Sliding down the sidewalk! 

Even Daddy took a turn

All of this looks super pretty until you realize it is full-on ice. No snow. Just slippery, force you to stay at home and off the roads type of ice.

Major and Bella seemed to love it.

Piper thought it was fun to eat.

Hard to make ice angels.

The boys thought the tricycle and ice was a great combo - not so much.

It's fun for now but hoping it thaws before we go 100% stir crazy or run out of food!