Hanging with Santa

It's time to go visit Santa! I love the Santa at Willow Bend. First of all, they have fun things for the kids to do while we wait to see Santa. Plus, he looks exactly like I think Santa should look. 

Weston loved the polar bears

Grayson isn't really interested in posing for me but he at least stopped for a second!

This girl never needs encouragement posing.

Of course our fave car had to come with us to play in the snow.

I think this might have been the kids' favorite part. Who doesn't love rolling around in fake snow?

Snow angels!

There is nothing cuter than a little man in a bow tie making snow angels.

Well...this year wasn't nearly as traumatic as last year. 2 are crying, 1 is cheesing and the other looks bored out of his mind.

So let's just take a look back at the funniest Santa pic in the world. This one still makes me laugh to the point of tears!