Merry Christmas - Part 1

Jason and Ashley hosted the family Christmas again this year. We had so much fun! The kids had fun with their cousins and received some amazing presents. 

My absolute favorite present this year was a dollhouse for Addie. John's Uncle Duard handcrafted this beautiful home. I loved watching how gently Addie touched all of the walls and floors. She very quickly jumped right into playing with the little family and furniture she received as well! It will be fun to put this into her room and have something girly just for her. 

Weston and Grayson received these awesome camo 4 wheelers. They thought they were pretty big stuff riding around on them!

Austin rocking his Jake gear - he's adorable!

Grayson figuring out how to make his bike go!


We are so blessed to have family close that we can spend Christmas with!