Merry Christmas Part 2

Merry Christmas from the Rosies! We started our morning off the only way I know how - with sticky buns and coffee! 

Piper sporting the reindeer ears. 

 My little reindeer

The sticky buns...in all their glory.

Weston makes one cute reindeer!

Daddy reading to Addie and Gray

Another big Christmas tradition - A Christmas Story!

Austin drawing

I tried valiantly to get a pic of the kids - this is the best one I got!

This one is a little more real life

Come on Mom - we're done with pictures!

The fun stuff - opening presents!

Addie wearing her Little Mermaid dress, Austin's Spiderman mask and new Little Mermaid Sunglasses - she's an odd one!

In addition to opening presents, we wanted to make sure our kids knew why we celebrate Christmas. We took some time to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and blew out a candle for Him. Of course each kid had to have a turn blowing it out!

Merry Christmas friends!