Today were were supposed to close on our fabulous house. However, a stupid rodent had other ideas. Recently, they started building behind our house and it pushed some mice in looking for water. So they ate some pipes, caused some leaks and damaged our home. So we're still in waiting mode!


Walk Through

Today we did a walkthrough of our house. We are finally getting closer and they are targeting a close date of January 31st. 

We are definitely getting excited about calling this place home! 


Leadership Summit

One of the greatest things about working for Rodan+Fields is the opportunity to get away for a couple of days for training! We headed to Nashville for the weekend. John was supposed to go with me but childcare didn't work out. Because he's such an awesome husband, he used his ticket to upgrade me to first class!

Nice and stretched out in the front row. This ride would have been 100% pleasant had the man next to me stopped picking his nose..the entire flight.

The Gaylord was decorated with all sorts of R+F gear. Pretty cool!

This was a pic of the room. And the bed that I got to sleep in all by myself. No kids to push me off to the edge!

The doctors in the opening session.

Not all of our time was work - we had time to play too!

My fearless leader, Christy, leading some training!

My accountability partner and fellow twin mama, Morgan! 

Reags and I hanging with the docs. Cardboard doctors but whatever.

Rachel, Reagan and me!

This was my fave part of the hotel room. I REALLY wish I could get one at home.

I had a blast at Summit, meeting people I've only "met" over Facebook and making new friends. I loved the training and the parties as well. But I was pretty pumped to get back to my family! 

Especially my super sweet crazies who showed up with flowers! I was waiting for my bag and heard four little voices shout "Mommy!!" from down the hall. All four came flying down the hall and pretty much tackled me with hugs. LOVE! 

I felt pretty special and loved, especially as people around me were whispering "how sweet" or "this is so cute." And then the baggage carousel started and I was dropped like yesterday's garbage. Oh well - it was sweet while it lasted! 


Happy Birthday Max!

Today we celebrated Max's 4th birthday. The party was at the Discovery Science Center in Frisco. I've never been there before and it was so cool! There are lots of little learning centers and science things but on a kid level. Can't wait to go back! 

Happy birthday Max! 


Playing at the Park

John took a couple of weeks off over the holidays and made it his mission to hit up every single park in Frisco. I tagged along today because the weather is gorgeous! 

This park has a cool trail along a creek. 

The kids wanted to look for wildlife. There wasn't much out other than some birds but they had fun!