Some Random Pics

This has to be one of my favorite picture the crazies have taken....ever!

Lunch out at McDonalds

Imitating Lady and the Tramp with their spaghetti

Love this bedhead!

Cute brothers


Checking the Pearly Whites

Austin and Addie took their first trip to the dentist today. I wasn't sure how they would do but they rocked it! Austin absolutely loved the fact that there is a place to play video games and Addie had fun with all of the toys. So proud of these too! 


Addie's Sweet Heart

During Addie's check up, Dr. G asked if he'd ever mentioned anything about Addie's heart. Of course I went into instant high alert. He said that he heard something he'd never heard before on her and wanted us to get it checked out. 

Taking a moment to cheese it for me. 

Addie was a model patient during her EKG and EEG.

After the doctor pronounced it just an innocent murmur, we went to celebrate with Bahama Bucks! It is such a huge relief to know that it's nothing serious and something she will outgrow someday!


Birthday Party Fun

It's hard to believe that it's been 4 years since John and I watched the Vancouver opening ceremony in the hospital. We celebrated Austin and Addie's 4th birthday with an Olympic themed party at WOGA. 

The crazies didn't even know what to expect - they were so excited! 

Straight to the foam pit!

Showing off her balancing skills

The AMAZING cake from Jenny Layne Bakery

Austin is super excited about cake

Max gave Addie a beautiful engagement ring to wear until they turn 66 (so he says)


Loved celebrating with all of these cuties

John and I bought the kiddos bikes for their birthday. I think they were a hit!

Happy birthday party day to my amazing, sweet and crazy 4 year olds! 

First Soccer Game of the Season

Today we start yet another season of soccer. Most of the kids from each of Austin and Addie's teams returned so it's nice to have some familiar faces! 

Addie seems a lot bolder in actually going after the ball than she was last year. 

After telling Austin over and over and over that soccer fields are not wrestling rings, he actually focused on the ball too.

And then decided he was tired (yes that's my child laying down on the field).

Here's hoping for great seasons!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from my little valentines! We hope you enjoy this day of love! 


Valentine's Party!

Sonshine Academy had their Valentine's Day party today. One of the best parts of being a SAHM is being able to go to these parties! 

Addie with her jewel. 

Austin and his Capri Sun


Valentine's bingo

Frosting face!


4 Year Check Up

This check up was pretty fun. It was neat to watch them check Austin and Addie's hearing, eye sight and blood pressure (with the tiniest cuff ever). 

Because we're anticipating we might move into our house someday this century, our stuff is scattered all over my parent's house. So I have lost their 4 year old stat sheets. So from memory, I think Austin was 33 pounds and Addie is 30 (woo hop - FINALLY on the growth chart at a whopping 5th percentile)! I have no clue on heights but to me they are getting so tall! 

Dr. G said that they look great and are developing well!


Happy Birthday A-Team!

Happy happy happy birthday my four year olds!!! I know I say this every year but where in the world has the time gone?!?

To start off the day right, you had birthday muffins! I think you are both very, very excited to be four because that brings you one step closer to five (the age that I said no longer napping is acceptable). 

This picture is pretty typical. It captured the essence of "you" perfectly! Addie is decked in her girlie gear and Austin is being all boy.

Austin, your mind amazes me. You ask so many questions about what and why and seem to soak up the world around you. You have a huge, contagious smile and like making people laugh. I love that heart! You are extremely rough and tumble and like to wrestle but if there is a baby around, you are sweetly tickling their feet. You can be the kindest, most thoughtful little man but on the flip side, you have a defiant streak that may be the death of me! But I love you anyway!

Addison, you have assumed your role as family princess 110%. You are in a phase of always wearing a headband, dress and jewelry that may or may not match. You have an incredible imagination that amazes me. You like to play restaurant and will pretend to make me one of your three specialties (chicken nuggets, milkshake or pizza). You are so sweet to those around you. But you have started displaying a stubborn side more and more often. Word of advice - I'll always out stubborn you - I've been at it for over 30 years!

We went to Blue Goose for dinner to celebrate - their fave restaurant. Then we followed it up with cake at home.

We love you Austin and Addie and so excited to see what the 4s bring us!