Circus Time

Tonight we went to the circus with the Burrows. The kids were pretty fascinated with the animals. 

Towards the end of the night though, they got a little restless. We probably should have known better than to take them later but oh well! Cade's expression pretty much sums it up!

The real circus was outside with these kids!


Western Day

Today is Western Day for Austin and Addie. I think this little cowgirl and cowboy rocked the outfits! 


Playing at the Fire Station

One of the dads on Addie's soccer team is a fireman with Little Elm. He was so sweet and invited our kids to the station after I mentioned their love of firetrucks! I don't know that he was expecting 4 tornadoes to walk in to their peaceful station but he was wonderful! 

Even John got in on the fun

The best part was probably spraying the water hose. They kids LOVED it!


We're Closing!

FINALLY! The very, very long awaited day has arrived - we are closing on our house!! We have dealt with freezing weather, rodents chewing water pipes, flooding and more but now we get to call this house our home. We are so excited!

Let the unpacking craziness begin!


Texas Day

Today is Texas Day for Weston and Grayson. These little cowboys are precious!

Weston especially liked his outfit.

Grayson wasn't super excited about this photo op.

Until I told him to grab Weston's hand - then he smiled.

And a little wave

Hats off to you West!



I have a great group of preschool moms to hang out with from Austin's class. Samia invited us over to her house to play and eat lunch.

That's a lot of kids!

Grayson has found his calling as an Elton John wannabe.


Happy Birthday Kensington!

Today we celebrated Kensington's birthday! It was a lot of fun. This teacup ride was a hit

Riding on the train

Happy birthday sweet girl!

This was our drive home from Kensington's party - crazy!!

And I put this pic in only as evidence of just how freakishly cold it was!