iPhone Randoms

Relaxing with the big kids 

Crazy hair!

Rocking the hat

Brothers gotta hug 

Look! I'm dressed like daddy!

Building an outdoor waterbed

The fun lasted about 10 seconds before they realized it was more fun to jump on it and pop holes.

Addie playing a little concert for Gray and her animals


Wedding in Iowa

Nate and Rachel are going to the chapel and they're going to get married...in Iowa! John and I left the crazies behind and hit the road to Iowa. It was a pretty long drive but a lot of fun to have some alone time.

To start the drive off right, John got pulled over in Oklahoma. I have NO clue how he did it but he got a warning...even after having an expired insurance card!

Filling up the tank but first, we'll take a selfie.

We couldn't pass this little publication up. I mean seriously, why do they even have this?!?

In Nebraska!

I'm sure John is thrilled I had him stop at all of the state signs

Soaking up a little history

Finally in Iowa!

A beautiful rainbow over the corn fields. I have to admit, I didn't give Iowa much credit. It is a lot prettier than I thought!

John was super excited to head to the Ice Cream Capital of the World. I felt like the folks in Brenham would feel a little cheated on but he was ok with it.

Rehearsal dinner

Nate and his parents

The ONE cop we saw in Iowa.

John taking a pre-wedding snooze

Handsome man in a tux

Love this moment that I caught between besties.

Nate and Rachel

On the way home we took a detour through Missouri and stopped in Kansas City for the night.

And almost home!

Ahhhh...the sign I've been waiting to see! We had a lot of fun but were ready to get home to our crazies!


Discover, Decide, Defend!

It's that time again for VBS! I signed up to help with crafts again this year and ended up with an AMAZING partner!

The kids had a lot of fun in rally with the big kids. The preschool teachers are such rockstars and worked so hard to guarantee a fun time for my kiddos!

Austin stole his teacher's hat.

Austin and Addie's sweet class.

Weston - adorable!

Gray showing off his boo boo.

Weston is mad because the big kids are playing with water hoses on the other side of the fence and he can't join in.

 Addie looking for clues.

My little spy

I watched Weston play with this tiger and dinosaur for a while before he realized I was there. It was a lot of fun to watch his imagination go!

Weston and Grayson's class

My absolute favorite part of this week was listening to Austin and Addie recite their Bible verse at the end of the week. I LOVE that they are learning scripture!


Camping in the Backyard

Tonight we thought we'd do a little camping in the backyard. We haven't braved a real camping trip so thought this would be great practice! 

The weather was nice so we did dinner outside. Piper loved being so close to the kids and having easy access to their food. 

We made a fire and made smores. The kids were too excited to go to sleep so I'm pretty sure they stayed up WAAAAAY past bed time. John got a little extra snuggle time with Austin.

In the morning, I woke up to this - a boy peeing on our fence. Love it!

The kids went to bed late and John took the little guys in around 5 because they were cold (what?!? 50 in June?) but all in all, I would call it a success! So excited to try this for real!


Happy Father's Day

When it's John's special day, we go to one restaurant - La Hacienda. So of course that's where we headed for Father's Day. We celebrated with John's dad and brother as well. It was fun eating way too much Mexican food and relaxing with family.

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy my crazies could ask for! We love you!


Life Group Party

We had our life group over for dinner and game night tonight. It was a lot of fun socializing, hanging out and playing Catch Phrase (and realizing how much the boys cheat). We also found out how perfect our staircase is for future prom poses! 

So blessed to do life with these people!


Movie Time!

Cinemark is offering a summer movie club. $5 for 10 movies - I can't beat that price! The kids have been to a couple of movies before but I've always had John with me. It was an experience taking them solo.

I was armed with popcorn, popcorn and more popcorn. And when the kids started getting a little fidgety (or Gray was crawling around under people's seats), I had a secret stash of M&M's.

The kids did great and we had a lot of fun! Perfect indoor activity for the summer!