Grayson Vs. The Side Table

Grayson decided his forehead should take on one of our side tables. Based on the gash on his head, I think the table won.

He didn't cry much but I am glad we took him to urgent care. This kid was all smiles when we got there and very excited to show off his cut to anyone that wanted to look.

He was really excited when they gave him a popsicle while we waited.

The doctor ended up doing stitches and glue. The anesthesia didn't totally take effect at first so Gray had a rough time when she hit a certain part. But there was an awesome fireman/nurse that talked to him the entire time and tried to get his mind off of it.

Plus, he brought Gray a Leo the Lion which G LOVED. And as we were leaving, he told the fireman in his sweetest little voice "Thank you for fixing my head." That kid makes my heart melt sometimes!