Wedding in Iowa

Nate and Rachel are going to the chapel and they're going to get married...in Iowa! John and I left the crazies behind and hit the road to Iowa. It was a pretty long drive but a lot of fun to have some alone time.

To start the drive off right, John got pulled over in Oklahoma. I have NO clue how he did it but he got a warning...even after having an expired insurance card!

Filling up the tank but first, we'll take a selfie.

We couldn't pass this little publication up. I mean seriously, why do they even have this?!?

In Nebraska!

I'm sure John is thrilled I had him stop at all of the state signs

Soaking up a little history

Finally in Iowa!

A beautiful rainbow over the corn fields. I have to admit, I didn't give Iowa much credit. It is a lot prettier than I thought!

John was super excited to head to the Ice Cream Capital of the World. I felt like the folks in Brenham would feel a little cheated on but he was ok with it.

Rehearsal dinner

Nate and his parents

The ONE cop we saw in Iowa.

John taking a pre-wedding snooze

Handsome man in a tux

Love this moment that I caught between besties.

Nate and Rachel

On the way home we took a detour through Missouri and stopped in Kansas City for the night.

And almost home!

Ahhhh...the sign I've been waiting to see! We had a lot of fun but were ready to get home to our crazies!