A Little Playtime for Mama

One of the things I love about my job is the weekend getaways. Thanks to John for watching the crazies while I snuck away for a girls' weekend at a swanky resort in Dallas! We spent the days hanging by the pool, listening to some amazing training and enjoying fancy dinners. Love it! 

Our room

Hanging by the pool!

The fearless Meredith and Christy

We couldn't stop laughing at this guy - checking lyrics while singing. Shame on you!

It was fun to come home to these sweet faces making dinner.

Cannot wait for next year!


Little Picasos

Our kids love to paint. My type A threatens to come out when I think about the kids painting in my house. So thank you to the brilliant people at Crayola who created sidewalk paint. I'm willing to pay far too much for something that simplifies my life (and keeps my house paint free). 



Strikz does a kids bowl free thing in the summer so we thought it would be a great idea to take the kiddos! It was made clear that our kids are not quite ready for bowling. They didn't understand the whole "we take turns" concept.

Look at that form!


It's a team thing

A lotta bowling shoes!

After a game and a half, we gave up and let the kids go "play" games. I don't even think they realized that they needed tokens.

I worry that this will be a sight in our future.


Dallas Arboretum

I spent part of the day at the Dallas Arboretum in the children's area. It was so much fun! We met some friends and their kiddos there. 

Hanging in the turtle eggs. 

The boys loved the touch screen games

Sadly this is the best pic we got of the kids together.


Slip N Slide!

There are days that I don't feel like loading up everything to go to the pool. Yet it's too hot just to play outside. So we got a slip n slide! The kids had a lot of fun with this and I had fun relaxing and watching them.


4th of July Part 2

For the long weekend, we headed out to Flower Mound to visit some of our faves.

I LOVE these kids and I'm so glad that lawnmower made the pic too.

Who knows what these two are doing

I love love love doing life with this gal!


Happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday America! To celebrate, we had some friends over to hang out and watch fireworks. Conveniently, we can see the Frisco ones from our backyard and don't have to deal with any of the traffic!

We also got the kids some sparklers. Big hit!

Another big hit were the mass quantities of glow necklaces. Max had fun collecting a bunch for his dad!

Addie loving on Eden!

Yay fireworks!

Happy birthday America!