We decided it was time for a vacation. So we packed up the suburban and headed to Fairplay, Colorado. It was a blast! The kids did pretty well on the drive even though it was looooooong. Thank goodness for the DVD player! 

Fairplay is a super cute little down outside of Breckenridge. Unfortunately it's about 11,000 feet up so Austin and Grayson ended up with a little altitude sickness. 

We have several friends that have moved to Colorado so we tried to meet up with them. We hung out with the DeLucas in Centennial and the Gregorys in Castle Rock. 

Hanging at a park in Castle Rock

Our pal Georgia

Boreas Pass

Checking out a rustic cabin you can rent

Playing at a park in Breckenridge

Breckenridge ski runs

We found a random teepee of sticks

Geocaching find

I LOVE old cemeteries and this one was no exception

This guy wandered off into the cold and was found months later

This cemetery had a lot of the original miners from the area. The graves we marked with Doc or Judge instead of a name.

I met this guy's great nephew who is the caretaker of the cemetery. He had tons of interesting info about the people buried at the cemetery. This guy took a bet that he could drink a shot of laudanum. He clearly lost.

One of the cool things in Fairplay is the South Park City museum. It's a collection of old buildings/equipment from the area.

Austin had no clue what this thing was. We had to explain that not all phones are cell phones!

The view from behind our cabin 

The kids loved the sleeping arrangement. The downstairs was a bunch of beds so they all got to sleep together. Although it typically meant it took longer for them to go to sleep, they had a lot of fun!

We did a lot of hiking while we were there. It was fun to get out into nature and play. The kids really liked hiking as well.

There is a mine opening halfway up this mountain. Pretty cool!

We found this group of abandoned houses and one was next to the opening of this mine. I'll admit it - I was too big of a weenie to get much closer to the opening of the mine. I've seen enough horror movies!

Austin, Addie and I went on a little hike that went straight up the side of the mountain. We turned around when these guys showed up.

There is a moose that lives near our cabin but we never saw it. But we did see this cutie!

We went fishing one day. The kids had fun for about 30 minutes and then decided they were bored.

So John and I took over the Cars and Disney Princess fishing poles and took a turn. We were both pretty excited to catch a fish!

John watched the kids so I hike up to an old mining location. It was pretty cool!

We found a fire pit on the middle of a hike and started a fire - just because we could.

Plotting out our daily hike

This started off as a gorgeous day and hike. It was an easy 2 mile hike around this gorgeous lake.

And then the clouds and pouring rain rolled in. The temperature dropped substantially too. We still had about a mile to go and it wasn't so much fun anymore!

By the time we got close to our car, the kids were soaking wet, miserably cold and tired. They said they don't like hiking anymore. :)

We were rewarded with a  beautiful rainbow!

On our way home, we stopped in Dalhart to break the drive up a bit.

Our hotel was next door to this random museum of old farming equipment, old trucks and military trucks.

We stopped by the Cadillac Ranch too. It was pretty cool!

Someone left a spray paint can behind so we made our mark!

Colorado was an amazing trip and we can't wait to go back next year!