iPhone Randoms

Snuggle buddies! 

This kid loves hats.  Clothing - not so much. 

My turkey

Couch snuggles

Fun at the store

These two...

Chef/Pirate Grayson


Happy Anniversary!

It's been 7 years since we said "I do." And with our ups and downs and the crazy circus that is our life, I'd still say I do. We celebrated with a dinner out at Harvest in downtown McKinney this past weekend. Yummy!

For the actual day, we went to Eddie Napolis to celebrate. For some reason, this is the only pic I took. Maybe next year I'll try to get one of the two of us.

Love you John!!



Today is picture day for our soccer players.

These girls are hams!

Austin and Gabriel

We told Austin if he scored 2 goals, we could go to Chuck E Cheese.  Since he hasn't scored a goal before, I didn't think we'd actually go. But Austin was motivated and scored 3!

Our kids took over the bumper cars. It was fun to watch them!


Pumpkin Painting

Enjoyed this beautiful day by painting pumpkins! 


Photo Shoot

For school, all of the kids needed a family picture. Sadly, we haven't taken a recent pic of the six of us! So we had a little mini photo shoot.


Rodan+Fields Convention!

So excited that I was able to go to Atlanta, hang out with friends, listen to great speakers and find out about the latest and greatest with R+F!

Had a blast hanging out with this girl all weekend! 

John had a bottle of birthday champagne and strawberries waiting for me.

My birthday buddy!

The women who made it all possible

Hanging out with Dr. Falla, one of the creators of Acute Care. So excited about this new product. Fill a wrinkle. While you sleep. No needles.

My little buddy Josiah

This woman became my new bestie. I'm more of a flats or flip flops type of girl. So wearing heels non stop was a little painful!

As much fun as Atlanta was, this mama was super excited to get back to these crazies!


First Day of School

The first day of school is finally here!!! This summer has been fun but I am ready for my free time back. 

This picture cracks me up. Austin is trying to cheer Addie up. It's not working. 

But the promise of candy does!

Love them!