Happy Halloween!

For Halloween, my superheroes headed to a birthday party for some of our twin friends. Even John joined in on the fun! 

I feel pretty safe with this crew around.

Happy birthday Isa and Myra!

My Batmen

I love that Austin planted himself into a family picture.

Waiting for cake

Let the trick or treating begin! 

We had a great night full of friends and candy! 


Fall Festival

Today is the Fall Festival at the kids' school. These three loved wearing their costumes to school. Captain America chose not to participate and screamed bloody murder about not wearing it. Whatever! 

Austin and Addie got to  play with animals. The llama is always a big hit!

My cute superheroes!

Austin thought it was hilarious that the llama kept "stealing" his cup of food. He was pretty cute...for a llama!


Picture Day

Today is picture day for Austin and Addie. They are nice enough to take pictures of the 4 crazies together! Excited to see how they turn out! 


Goodnight 2 year olds

Tonight you go to bed as 2 year olds. And when you wake up, you'll be 3. Where has the time gone my sweet boys? 


Opposite Day

Today is Opposite Day for Austin and Addie and Pink Day for Grayson and Weston. 

Love these hams! 


Picture Day

Today is Weston and Grayson's picture day.

They look ready!

Here's a little look back to the greatness of last year!

Pumpkin Patch

John took Austin and Addie to a thing for church so I took the boys to the pumpkin patch.

They had fun running through the maze


Happy Birthday Piper!

Today is Piper's birthday. Gray went to Petco with me to help pick out treats. He loved this big bone. However, it quickly became a sword so we put it back!

Happy 1st birthday sweet Piper. We love you!


Acute Care Party

I don't normally do parties with Rodan+Fields. However, I am so excited about the launch of our new Acute Care strips, so I had some gals over for a preview. It was fun combining two things I love - my friends and R+F!