Mother's Day

Mother's Day started off not so relaxing when the storm sirens went off at 6 am. To the closet we go! 

After church we headed to brunch at Stonebriar Country Club with John's family. For some reason I didn't get any pictures. I did get a call from my parents while we were there - their house was on fire. What an awful way to spend Mother's Day! John's family took the kids while we raced over to my parents.

It was a 5 alarm fire and the streets were full of people, firemen and firetrucks. This was a crazy operation to watch. One team would go in, fight the fire, then come back out to switch with the next team.

Amazed they were still smiling!

News crews came by to interview my parents. My parents had heard a loud boom sound so my dad went to drive around the neighborhood to see what happened. My mom headed upstairs and opened the attic door, only to find smoke. She ran to call my dad but their house phone was fried. My dad had her personal cell phone so she tried to call 911 from her work one. Turns out that one doesn't call 911 (what stupid phone company doesn't allow 911???) My mom called my dad from that phone and got him back to the house ASAP. Thankfully they weren't hurt and neither were their dogs. But I can't even imagine how hard it was just to sit outside and watch their house burn.

I am amazed at our city. They supplied a duffle bag with shirts, toiletries and a night stay at the Embassey Suites.

Picture taken from a helicopter

I know my mom didn't want firemen for Mother's Day (that's more my style of present) but that's what she got. Now starts the long process of rebuilding and dealing with insurance. But I am so thankful that they weren't hurt!